Noli Me Tangere (painting-of-mary-magdalene)

noli me tangere-painting

Noli Me Tangere, 120cm x 100cm, Acrylic on Canvas, Nik Helbig 2009

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This is a classic bible theme that artists throughout history painted as frescos on the walls of churches and monasteries.

Painting of Mary Magdalene reaching out to the risen Jesus as he turns away “don’t touch me (noli me tangere).. for I have not yet returned to my Father”.

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Hiding Place

painting of jesus-hiding place
Hiding Place, 120cm x 80cm, Acrylic on Canvas, Nik Helbig 2008
The scene of Jesus taking a rest in a cave. For 40 days and nights He had been fasting and meditating in the wilderness of the dessert. He is gaunt and hungry. Satan visits Jesus. He comes in the form of a well mannered man and offers him the luxuries of the world if Jesus would quit his fast and do what he wants. Jesus was strong in the spirit because of the fast and His God-consciousness; He turned satan away.
In this painting, Jesus is sitting in the cool shade of a cave. All He is hiding from is the blazing heat of the sun. We, need Jesus to hide us from our evil ways.

You are my Hiding Place,
You’ve always filled my heart with songs of deliverance
Whenever I am afraid…
I will trust in You…

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Painting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Painting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
“I Cried For You”
Acrylic on Canvas, 80cmx120cm
2008 Nicole Helbig
This is a painting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, depicting the scene when she sobs at His feet in sorrow for her sinful life. Jesus lays a gentle hand on her hair, gives her a blessing and sends her off to His Mother, Mary.
I heard this song “I cried for you” by Katie Melua for the first time, while actually painting this piece.
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He (Jesus)

Painting of Jesus Christ calming the stormReligious painting of Jesus Christ by Nicole Helbig. 2008. Acrylics On Canvas.

He can turn the tides and calm the angry sea.

He alone decides who writes a symphony.

He lights every star that makes our darkness light.

He keeps watch all through the long and lonely nights.

He still finds the time to hear a child’s first prayer.

Saint or sinner call they’ll all ways find Him there.

Though it makes Him sad to see the way we live,

He’ll always say, “I Forgive”…

This is lyrics from a song I knew in church as a kid.

This painting is based on a scene when Jesus is calming the stormy sea.

He was sleeping in a fishing boat with his disciples when  a storm began, threatening the lives of all aboard.

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